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First Day of Class:January 13th, 2019

Last Day of Class: May 19th, 2019

Class** Textbook/Material (full year) Teacher Note
ECC1 Chinese Made Easy 1,2 Zhang, Yu *
PRK 幼儿汉语 Jing Xu
BCC1 暨南大学《中文》 第1,2册; 汉语拼音 Shao Tingting
BCC2 暨南大学《中文》 第2,3册; 汉语拼音 Cui Lijun
BCC3a 暨南大学《中文》 第4,5册; 汉语拼音 Qian Hongping
BCC3b 暨南大学《中文》 第4,5册 Shi, Yingchun
BCC4 暨南大学《中文》 第5,6册 Li Xiangning
BCC5 暨南大学《中文》 第7,8册 Fei Aihua
BCC7 暨南大学《中文》 第9,10册 Wei Ran
Adult English Integrated Chinese Gao, Jing
Senior English by Teacher Yang Ching-Hui
Chess 1 By Teacher Jim Freerksen
Chess 2 By Teacher Katie Freerksen
Drawing by Teacher Shao Tingting


* Kids exposed to Chinese less than two years. Class taught in both Chinese and English.

** Only when there are enough students interested


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