ICLS 2013-2014 Closing Ceremony Held on May 18, 2014

05/19/2014 - ICLS

The Iowa Chinese Language School (ICLS) 2013~2014 school year closing ceremony was held on May 18, 2014 in Johnston High School. About 200 people, including teachers, students, parents, and grandparents attended the ceremony. Ms. Zhang, Qingyuan, ICLS advisory council member and director of Global Trade Finance at John Deere Credit Financial joined us and presented awards to the teachers, students and volunteers.

Iowa Chinese Language School has been continuously growing ever since it was founded in 1999. It has attracted more and more people in the Des Moines and surrounding areas, who are interested in learning Chinese.

ICLS 2013-2014 Closing Ceremony

ICLS school principle, Emily Wu, gave a brief update during the ceremony. The success of ICLS is are greatly benefited from the contributions from the teachers, volunteers, supports from students and their parents, and the efforts from the school board members. The growth of the ICLS is also benefited from the supports of the local communities and businesses, especially those from Johnston Community School District and Johnston High School. The closinge ceremony was then followed by wonderful performance from the students of the 16 classerooms.

ICLS 2014 Fall semester will start in mid-August. Details will be sent out by email in July.

ICLS wish everyone a wonderful summer!

ICLS 2013-2014 Closing Ceremony


爱华中国语言学校成立于1999年,至今已有15年历史。学校从无到有,从小到大,吸引了愈来愈多的Des Moines 及周边地区的华人子女和其他对中文感兴趣的人士前来就读。

ICLS 2013-2014 Closing Ceremony

典礼中,校长吴新莉向大家汇报了学校学年情况。她说,爱华中国语言学校的成功运转得益于老师和志愿者们的无私奉献,全体学生和家长的参与和支持,以及学校董事会成员的努力。学校的发展也得益于来自Johnston本地企业和教育机构, 尤其是Johnston高中的大力支持。中文学校顾问委员会成员,director of Global Trade Finance at John Deere Credit Financial张氢原代表校方为优秀老师,学生和志愿者颁发了奖状和奖品. 中文学校各个班级的学生随后为来宾献上了精彩的文艺节目表演 。