Spring, 2020 Registration

12/19/2019 - ICLS

Registration is now open for 2020 Spring semester. Clink on “Registration” link in the menu to start

Tuition & Fees

  Online registration On-site registration
Language class $160 $170
Non-language class $75 $80
New student enrollment $25 $25
Family Discount $20 $20

Language Classes

Class* Textbook/Material Teacher Note
ECC Chinese Made Easy Hung, Kelly **
PRK 幼儿汉语 Shao, Tingting  
BCC1 暨南大学《中文》 第1册 Yu, Ziqi  
BCC2 暨南大学《中文》 第2册 Cui, Lijun  
BCC3 暨南大学《中文》 第3册 Tang, min  
BCC4 暨南大学《中文》 第4册 Xiao, Tinhui  
BCC5 暨南大学《中文》 第5册 Qian, Hongping  
BCC7 暨南大学《中文》 第7册 Li, Xiangning  
BCC8 暨南大学《中文》 第8册 Fei, Aihua  
BCC10 暨南大学《中文》 第9,10册 Wei Ran  
Adult Chinese Integrated Chinese Gao, Jing  

Non-Language Classes

Class* Textbook/Material Teacher Note
Drawing By Teacher Shao Tingting  
Chess 1 By Teacher (TBD)  
Chess 2 By Teacher Jim Freerksen  
Zumba By Teacher Helen Lin  

Community Classes

Class Textbook/Material Teacher Note
Senior English 老人英语 By Teacher Yang Ching-Hui Free of Charge 免费


* Only when there are enough students interested

** Kids exposed to Chinese less than two years. Class taught in both Chinese and English.

Thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to serving every student in the new semester.

The Board of ICLS